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Below is a list of 53 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter b.
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b00mkin - moonkin

b4 - before

baf - bring a friend

bamf - bad ass mother fucker

bb - bye bye

bbl - be back later

bbs - be back soon

bc - burning crusade

bd - Blackwing Descent

be - Blood Elf

belf - blood elf

bem - blades edge mountains

bet - blood elf tower

bf - Blood Furnace

bfd - blackfathom deeps

bg - battleground

bgs - battleground

bh - bubble hearth

bh10 - Baradin Hold 10-man

bh25 - Baradin\'s Hold 25-man

bis - best in slot

bl - blood lust

blizz - blizzard

bm - Beast Mastery

boa - binds on account

boe - bind on equip

bok - Blessing of Kings

bom - blessing of might

boomchicken - moonkin

boomkin - moonkin

bop - bind on pickup

bos - blessing of sanctuary

bot - Bastion of Twilight

bou - bind on use

bow - blessing of wisdom

brb - be right back

brc - Black Rock Caverns

brd - blackrock depths

bres - battle resurrect

brez - battle resurrect

brf - blackrock foundry

brm - blackrock mountain

brs - blackrock spire

brt - be right there

bs - blacksmith

bt - black temple

bt5k - Blingtron 5000

btw - by the way

buff - beneficial spell

bwd - Black Wing Decent

bwl - blackwing lair

byob - bring your own buffs

byom - bring your own materials

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