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Below is a list of 28 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter c.
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c - copper

cata - Cataclysm

cbt - Closed Beta Test

cc - crowd control

ccg - collectible card game

cd - cooldown

cds - Cool Downs

ce - Collector's Edition

chanter - enchanter

char - character

cheev - achievement

chickenbutt - moonkin

cm - Challenge mode

coa - Curse of agony

coc - crucible of champions

cod - curse of doom

coe - curse of elements

coex - curse of exhaustion

cos - Culling of Strathholme

cot - caverns of time

cow - Tauren

cp - combo points

cr - combat ressurect

crit - critical hit

critchicken - moonkin

cs - crusader strike

cya - see you

c\'g - cho\'gall

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