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Below is a list of 42 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter d.
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dailies - Daily repeatable quests

dal - dalaran

dala - Dalaran

darn - darnassus

db - Deadly Boss

dbm - Deadly Boss Mods

dc - disconnect

dc\'d - disconnected

dd - direct damage

ddi - dont do it

de - disenchant

deathtard - Unskilled Death Knight

debuff - reductionary spell

deeps - damage per second

demo - Demonology

demon - demonology

demos - demolishers

destro - destruction

dflt - default

ding - levelled

ding! - level up

disc - Discipline (Priest spec).

dk - death knight

dkp - dragon kill points

dl - drain life

dm - dire maul

dmg - damage

dnd - do not disturb

dn\'d - death and decay

dot - damage over time

dpm - damage per mana

dps - damage per second

dr - Diminishing returns

drood - druid

dru - druid

drunkin - drunk moonkin

ds - dragon soul

dtk - drak\'tharon keep

dudu - Druid

dung - dungeon

dw - dual weild

dwm - dustwallow marsh

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