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Below is a list of 27 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter f.
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f2p - free to play

failadin - unskilled paladin

fap - Feral Attack Power

fc - flag carrior

felpup - felhunter

felpuppy - felhunter

feral - druid tank

ffa - free for all

ffs - for fuck\'s sake

fl - firelands

fm - focus magic

fml - fuck my life

fok - Fan of Knives

fol - Flash of light

fos - Forge of Souls

fp - flight point

fps - frames per second

fr - flag room

frr - frost resistance

ft - flametongue

fta - for the alliance

fth - For the Horde

ftk - for the kill

ftl - for the loss

ftw - for the win

fu - Fuck You

fz - for zangarmarsh

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