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Below is a list of 31 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter g.
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g - gold

g l - Good Luck

g2g - got to go

gal - Galleon

gank - kill

ganked - killed

gb - Guild Bank

gbok - greater blessing of kings

gbom - greater blessing of might

gc - guild chat

gcd - global cooldown

gd - good duel

gf - girlfriend

gg - Good Game

ghettokings - Drums of Blessing of Kings

gj - good job

gl - good luck

gm - game master

gnomer - gnomeregan

goblock - Goblin Warlock

gotw - gift of the wild

gr8 - great

gratz - congratulations

gryv - graveyard

gs - Gearscore

gtaoe - ground targeted area of effect

gtfo - get the fuck out

gtg - good to go

guildies - guild members

gy - graveyard

gz - congratulations

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