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Below is a list of 26 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter h.
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h - heroic

h4x - hacks

hax - hacks

hc - Heroic

healadin - holy paladin

heals - healer

hf - have fun

hfc - hellfire citadel

hfp - hellfire peninsula

hh - honor hold

hk - honourable kill

hlp - help

hm - hardmode

hoj - Hammer of Justice

hol - halls of lightning

hor - Halls of Reflection

hos - halls of stone

hot - heal over time

hott - Herald of the Titans

hp - hit points

hp5 - health per 5 seconds

hps - heal per second

hs - hearth stone

huntard - poorly skilled hunter

huntards - poorly skilled hunters

hvh - heroic Violet Hold

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