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Below is a list of 43 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter l.
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l2 - Learn to

l2p - learn to play

l2pyc - Learn to play your Class

l33t - elite

l8 - late

l@u - Laughing at you

lawl - laugh out loud

lazorchicken - Moonkin

lbrs - lower blackrock spire

lc - lower city

ld - link disconnect

leet - elite

lf - looking for

lf1m - looking for one more

lf2m - looking for two more

lf3m - looking for three more

lf4m - looking for four more

lfg - looking for group

lfm - looking for more

lfr - looking for raid

lfw - looking for work

lg - Let's go

lib - library

lightning turkey - Moonkin

lk - lich king

lm - lumber mill

lmao - laugh my ass off

lmfao - laugh my fuckung ass off

lock - warlock

locks - warlocks

loh - lay on hands

lol - laugh out loud

lom - low on mana

looms - Heirlooms

los - line of sight

lotp - Leader of the Pack

lrn2 - learn to

ltb - Looking to Buy

ltp - learn to play

ltpnoob - Learn to play noob

lts - Looking to Sell

lvl - level

lw - leatherworker

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