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Below is a list of 31 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter m.
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m8 - Mate

maly - malygos

mancow - tauren

mass rez - Mass Resurrection

mats - materials

mb - mana break

mc - mind control or molten core

mdps - melee damage per second

mgt - magisters\' terrace

mh - Main Hand

ml - master looter

mmog - massively multiplayer online game

mmorpg - massively multiplayer online roleplaying game

moar - more

mob - mobile object or monster

mod - moderator

mop - Mists of Pandaria

motd - message of the day

motw - mark of the wild

mow - mark of the wild

mp5 - mana per five seconds

mq - Molten Quarry

mr - Mass Resurrection

mrt - magisters\' terrace

ms - mortal strike

ms/os - main spec over other spec

msv - Mogushan\'Vaults

mt - miss tell or main tank

mut - Mutilate

mv - morgan\'s vigil

mw - Mage Ward

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