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Below is a list of 36 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter n.
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n - need

n00b - new, unskilled player

n00bs - multiple new, unskilled players

n00bz - multiple new, unskilled players

nax - naxxramas

naxx - Naxxramas

naxx25 - Naxxramas Heroic (25-man)

ne - Night Elf

ne1 - anyone

nelf - night elf

nerf - to make weaker

nerfed - made weaker

newb - A new player

nh - night hold

ninja - player that steals loot

nm - never mind

nmjc - nothing much just chilling

noob - new, unskilled player

noobid - poorly skilled druid

noobie - novice

noobs - multiple new, unskilled players

noobsauce - new player

noobz - multiple new, unskilled players

norp-elf - Blood elf

np - no problem

npc - non player character

nr - nature resist

nsb - north side base

nub - Unskilled player

nubcaik - unskilled player

nubcake - unskilled player

nuke - deal damage while ignoring threat and aggro

nvm - never mind

nvrmnd - Never mind

nx - The Nexus

nyi - not yet implemented

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