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Below is a list of 27 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter o.
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obo - or best offer

occ - the oculus

og - Ogrimmar

oh - Off Hand

ohb - old hillsbrad foothills

ohf - old hillsbrad foothills

ohko - one hit kill

ok - Ahn\'kahet: The Old Kingdom

omfg - oh my fucking god

omg - oh my god

omw - on my way

one-shot - kill with 1 hit

oneshot - kill with 1 hit

ony - onyxia\'s lair

onyx - onyxia\'s lair

ooc - out of combat

oom - out of mana

oomkin - moonkin

oor - out of range

oos - out of sight

oow - on our way

op - overpowered

org - orgrimmar

os - obsidian sanctum

ot - off tank

owned - defeated easily

ox - onyxia

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