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Below is a list of 34 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter p.
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p2p - player to player

pala - paladin

pally - paladin

pat - patrol

pbaoe - point blank area of effect

pc - player character

pk - player kill

pker - player killer

pl8 - plate armor

plox - please

plz - please

pm - private message

pmsl - pissing myself laughing

poly - polymorph

port - portal

pos - Pit of Saron

pot - potion

powned - dominated

ppl - people

ppr - points per run

prefs - preferences

proc - to activate upon certain conditions

prot - protection

protadin - Protection speced paladin

pst - please send tell

ptr - Public Test Realm

pug - pick up group

pve - player versus environment

pvp - player versus player

pwn - to dominate

pwned - dominated

pwning - dominating

pwnt - dominated

pzous - perfect zone of ultimate safety

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