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Below is a list of 47 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter s.
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s - silver

sarth - sartharion

sb - Sholazar Basin

sc - Silvermoon City

scen - Scenario

scholo - scholomance

sfk - shadowfang keep

sh - Shattered Halls or Sethekk Halls

sham - shaman

shammy - shaman

shat - Shattrath City

shatt - shattrath city

shb - stonehearth bunker

sl - shadow labyrinth

slab - shadow labyrinth

slabs - shadow labyrinth

sls - shroud loot system

sm - scarlet monastery

smc - silvermoon city

smv - shadowmoon valley

snd - Slice and Dice

soa - strand of ancients

soj - seal of justice

soo - Seige of Orgimmar raid

sota - strand of the ancients

soz - sorry

sp - spell power

spacegoat - Draenei

spawn - origin point

spec - talent specialization

spr - spirit

spriest - shadow spec\'d priest

squishy - a cloth wearing player.

srry - sorry

ss - soul stone

ssc - serpentshrine cavern

st - stables

stack - group up / stay together

stam - stamina

stfu - shut the fuck up

stock - the stockade

stocks - the stockade

str - strength

strat - stratholme

stv - stranglethorn vale

sv - steamvault

sw - stormwind city

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