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Below is a list of 45 user submitted World of Warcraft slang terms starting with the letter t.
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t&s - tank and spank

t1 - Raid teir 1

t2 - Raid teir 2

t3 - Raid teir 3

t4 - Raid teir 5

t6 - Raid teir 6

t7 - Raid teir 7

tab - Tabard

tabby - Tabard

tag - Hit a monster first

tankadin - paladin tank

tap - to hit a monster before anyone else

taq - temple of ahn\'qiraj

taunka - tauren

tauradin - Tauren Paladin

tb - thunder bluff

tbc - The Burning Crusade

tbh - To be honest

teh - the

tf - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

th - Twilight Highlands

thunder chicken - moonkin

thunder clucker - moonkin

thx - thanks

tic - increment of damage over time

tis - this

tk - tempest keep

tm - tauren mill

tnx - thanks

toc - Trail of Champions

togc - Trial of the Grand Crusader

toon - character

tot - Tricks of Trade

totc - Trial Of The Champion

tp - tower point

tps - threat per second

tpw - total party wipe

ts - teamspeak

ttyl - talk to you later

tv - templar\'s verdict

tw - Time Warp

ty - thank you

tysm - thank you so much

tyt - Take your time

tyvm - thank you very much

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